Fokker F.27-300M C-11 msn 10161

Serial Operator Date Remarks
PH-FBZ Fokker 11.60  
C-11 KLu/ RNethAF 2.61 Deliverd to 334 Sqn.
PH-KFB NLM Cityhopper 5.66 'Willem Versteegh''
C-11 KLu/ RNethAF 4.72 Deliverd to 334 Sqn.
C-11 United Nations 5.92 All  white, operated by KLu/ RNethAF from U-Tapao, Cambodia.
C-11 KLu/ RNethAF 11.92 Returned toSoesterberg.
C-11 KLu/ RNethAF 5.96 All  white with UN mks.
C-11 KLu/ RNethAF 6.96 Wfu Woensdrecht.
ZS-OEK Luft Afrique 9.98 Operated for UN.
ZS-OEK Luft Afrique 6.01 Stored Wonderboom, South Africa.
ZS-OEK Luft Afrique 7.02 Reg canx.
TN-... Regional Express 6.02 Ntu?
ZS-OEK Luft Afrique 2011 Seen derelict Wonderboom, South Africa.

The former F.27-300M C-11 has been in storage at Wonderboom for nearly ten years. It suffered a collapsed nose wheel at Wonderboom whilst in service with Luft Afrique.

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